Monday, December 10

Mystery Quilt...Step 1

Today, after a few hours piecing, I made up the 100 rail fence blocks...
I really thought they would take longer to do, but once you get stuck into it and string strip piece, they were done...pieced and cut into 3.5 inch blocks.

My quilt is going to be a scrappy floral, with a green focus strip in between the florals
Well, I really over estimated how many strips I would have needed, and have enough strips cut to make another quilt, this lot hardly made a dent in the scrap stash.
I'm thinking I might piece the rest of the strips up with a different focus fabric and donate one of the quilts to charity.

I am going to try and not buy any fabric at all for these quilts, so I'll see how I go with it, as the idea of the exercise is to cull the stash!...


  1. I'm interested in seeing how this all turns out - florals will look pretty. I'm not much of a mystery person, either, but everyone is having fun with this one!

  2. Stunning colours Julia. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. I know what you mean about not making much of a dent in the scrap stash ...I think mine are breeding...vbg.

  3. You are the 2nd person I have seen, who says the pieces took no time to make, & they had many more than they anticipated!
    I should give this a try.

  4. Looks great. It is amazing how quickly they come together. I think we will use more of the strips in later steps.


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