Sunday, December 9

Mystery Quilt...

Well, I wasn't going to start anything new........especially now, so close to Christmas....but I just couldn't help myself!
Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads scrap quilt got me in, you must go and check out her quilt site, there's so much to see and Bonnie has to be THE queen of scrap quilts.
I think it's the thought of culling my stash and not buying anymore fabric that did it.
Come on girls!...admit it, we all have way too much stash, but we still keep buying more.
When you have been in the rag trade as long as I have, and love fabrics, the pile just grows and grows.
I would have liked to do this in civil war fabrics, but I better save them for my Dear Jane quilt, besides I really would like to see how this mystery quilt turns out first.
I have only ever done one other mystery quilt, and I didn't like it, so I even surprised myself that I'm doing this!

I thought, if I could grap a few minutes here and there to work on this quilt, I will have achieved two culled my scrap stash a little and two have a beautiful scrappy quilt at the end.
So far, for step one, I have cut my scraps into 1 1/2 inch strips, now to stitch them together.

Off to grab a few more minutes on this before it's time to prepare dinner...

I forgot to add, that nearly 1000 ladies have joined in and said they were thinking of doing this quilt...


  1. I had actually been thinking about it too. I saw Keryn was doing it, & so went to have a look at Bonnie's site.

  2. I must admit to steering clear of mysteries, I'm always nervous that I won't like the finished thing.


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