Sunday, December 16

Lunch Prezzies...

I don't have much to write about today, no sewing has been done,....I've been to busy having lunch!

Yesterday was the last of the lunches, my friends and I met for a picnic lunch by the river.
We were all there with our secret Santa's prezzies, fold up chairs, the comfort cushions we all made for the Ronald McDonald house, to give to the little kids who are going through a tough time with illnesses.
Now it's supposed to be summer, but you would never know it, it was cold, windy and then, just only after being there for thirty minutes, the heavens opened up and started to rain.
One of the girls suggested going back to her place, so we quickly bundled everything up into the cars and followed her home to her place.
Well, all in all, we had a wonderful day, no silly old weather was going to ruin our day!
Above are some of the Santa prezzies I was lucky to receive.
Nine days to Christmas...just enough time to recover from all this eating, then it all starts again....


  1. It sounds like a lovely day, rain or no. Your gifties look great, too. I know you will find the best places for those fabrics!

  2. Nice gifts you have there!
    A day with friends is always lovely.


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