Thursday, December 27

A Hot Christmas!....

How lovely does this scene above look,....... how I wished for snow yesterday, but it certainly was NOT at our place yesterday.
It was the hottest December day on record , it got up to 44.2 degrees Celsius....and to top it off, some silly person went about deliberately lighting fires. My heart went out to the poor fire fighters trying to get the fires under control under those extreme temps...
The post Christmas sales started yesterday as well, but there was no way, I was going out there, I don't care how good the bargains were!

I had good intentions of going down to my sewing room and working on my Mystery quilt blocks, but it was just to hot in there, our air-con is in the family room, so I grabbed some grandma's garden hexagon pieces and sat under the air-con stitching them.

I am still working on step 3, but step 4 has already been posted.
Bonnie, was so kind, and posted step 4 on our Aussie Christmas day, which is a day before the states.
Would you believe it, but a lot of the girls have already finished step 4, that's how keen everyone is about this quilt, it has inspired over 1000 ladies from all over the world to join in and take part.
Well, the forecast for today is 32 degrees, a little cooler than yesterday, so with a bit of luck, I might get some more of the mystery quilt blocks done.

Have a good day, I may just venture out to see what's left on sale today!

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  1. We saw those temps, & I just cringed at the thought.
    I have a brother & sil living there, & a cousin & her husband have just moved there from New Zealand. It would be a rude shock for them!
    Hope it is cool enough to sew today, Julia.


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