Friday, December 7

Cushion Cover...

I have been asked to make a quilted European cushion cover to match a particular quilt.
Aren't the colours of this piece just stunning and vibrant!

While these are not my preferred decor colour choice, I must admit, I do love it.
Imagine a whole quilt with this design on a queen size bed, what a stunning statement it would make in any room!
This has been paper foundation messy to do, and while not my favourite method of quilting, it does make for very accurate points and corners.
Now, that I have pieced it together, it's off to the quilter to be quilted to match the quilt, then back to me for finishing off and making it up into the cushion...


  1. Those colors are very vibrant! I will love seeing this finished. What a beautiful design.

  2. It's beautiful Julia. I love blues.

  3. It is very striking. I love it, & though blue is not my colour choice for decor, I really could live with that! Beautiful!

  4. These colors are really bright an pretty - I'd like to see it along with the quilt.


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