Wednesday, December 12

Christmas Lunch....

Yesterday, My stitching friends meet for our Christmas lunch wind up....

Here's a picture of my "Creative Threads" ladies doing their stitching, I snuck this photo while they weren't looking...some are stitching, some are chatting..
" When friends meet, hearts gather"

Here they are posing for the camera.

Our beautiful Canadian hostess, is the lady on the front left, We had a great day, as we always do, lots of laughter, good food and great company.

We had a secret Santa swap, and this is me with my Santa's was so funny!

When I opened my parcel, we all burst into laughter, and I thought "oh no! looks like I will have to finish knitting these socks", but of course I did not have to do that, the knitter just wanted to make sure the socks were the right size for the receivers foot...and I can tell you, that she was so relieved when it was me, as I have the smallest feet in the group!...see the socks fit perfectly.
Must dash, another lunch to attend today...what a life!


  1. Julia,
    You ladies look like you're having a grand time. And YOU looks so adorable with your partial made stocking. What a great gift and what a fun bunch.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a lovely photo of you, Julia!
    It does look like you all had such fun.
    Lunch again-- what a great life!


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