Tuesday, December 11

Aprons Coming Back....

Aprons are making a come back...
I saw this apron in a craft shop last Easter while away in Adelaide at a CQ gathering.
Look at all the ( chicken scratch) cross stitching in red and white on a black and white cotton gingham fabric.
I don't know who made it, but I only paid $5 for it and it's brand new.

The minute I saw it, I had to buy it...it brought back so many memories of the times in primary school, when my girlfriend and I used to make, on an old treadle machine, pretty frilly aprons and aprons like this for the school fete.

I saw that Pat, has just received two aprons in the mail, and then remembered I had this one.
Do you wear aprons when cooking?......I don't, but I really should!
I should leave the apron out on display...


  1. What a nifty apron. My grandmother always wore one, but my mom was more relaxed. It was a sometimes thing. I remember making one as a project in my junior high home ec. class, too. =)

  2. Oh I love that apron! I would have bought it too. I used to make cross stitch gingham items.
    I dont often wear aprons, but I should!


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