Tuesday, November 13


I bought this vintage looking quilt pattern on ebay, thinking it was a hexagon paper pieced quilt plus I loved the look of it, it's a bit different to the traditional grandma's garden..

I thought it was something I could do on sewing days with my friends, you know sit, stitch and not have to think too much about what I'm doing.
Well, I could not be more wrong, this is made out of the new thing out now called a "Jellyroll" .
A Jellyroll as seen here, is strips of co-ordinating fabrics rolled up into a roll, there is even a Jellyroll club.
You sew the strips together and make all sorts of quilt designs / patterns out of the strips.
I love the idea, it would really go together quite quickly and I think it would be fun.
So to solve my, what to sit and stitch with friends...I'm back doing the old favourite grandma's garden, hand paper-pieced in the traditional way.
I'm using the 1930's reproduction fabrics, left over from my 'Aunt Maggie's Tulip' and another G/Garden quilt I have hand pieced, and still have fabric left over.
I thought this time , I would fussy cut the last circle of hexagons for a different look, it does take up more fabric doing this and there is a bit of wastage, but it looks nice, so where I can I will fussy cut the fabrics...
Off to do some work, have a lovely day/ evening...


  1. I love GFG! I bought 1500 little papers and I'm still using them. I like your blue one. The Jelly Roll pattern looks like fun, too.

  2. I keep looking at the jellyroll patterns and never seem to find one which inspires me. Merry go round may have fixed that!

    Your Grandma's garden block looks lovely, and somehow more finised by your fussy cutting.

  3. I have seen those Jelly Rolls, & wondered about them!
    I love the fussy cut block.

  4. I like the fussy cut hex's on the final round - nice touch. Hand piecing is so relaxing....time consuming.....but relaxing. I really like your stuff and just discovered your blog.


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