Tuesday, November 27

DH's Pineapple and Lemon Tree...

Still no sewing, but I thought you might like to see my DH's pride and joy...

Every morning he goes out the back to inspect them, make sure they are OK, and give them a little word of encouragement to grow a little more...it's so funny!
The Meyer lemon tree is growing in a pot, producing so many lemons, they were hanging down with all the weight, that he had to build a support for the lemons to rest on.

Last year, we bought a fresh pineapple to eat, it was yummy!..
Dh cut the top off and planted it in the pot with the lemon tree.
At first we didn't think it would really do any good, but have a look at it now....it's bearing fruit, and little baby pineapple shoots are coming out from the side.
Dh pulled off the babies when they were big enough and planted then in little pots...it will be interesting to see if they bear fruit.
The way it's going, we will have a little pineapple plantation of our own..
You can click on the picture for a closer look..

DH's other pride and joy is his little forest of Jacaranda trees that he grew from seeds.

Unfortunately our place is too small to grow one, they are so beautiful when in flower, the most gorgeous show of lilac flowers ever, have a look at this post Meggie has of one growing near her.
They will eventually go to good homes of family and friends.


  1. How lovely to see your DH's Meyer lemon tree doing so well! Gom has one that is rather sickly at present, & it has an infestation of those awful stinky beetles! I keep suggesting he get something for it, but he is too busy chopping branches off my fern tree- just to make me cry.
    Our Jacaranda had not one flower again, this year. Those seedlings look so healthy!
    And I grew a pineapple from the top too.... Gom up rooted that too. He is a worry!

  2. I didn't even know pineapples would grow in Australia. The lemons will be yummy before long! Fresh lemonade, yum!

  3. Wow, green fingers. I grew an orange tree once from the seeds in my fruit. After years it produced tiny bitter fruits. I had heard that pineapples will grow, but never managed to do it myself, no even in the greenhouse.
    Enjoy the fresh lemons.


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