Tuesday, November 20

Crinoline Redwork...

I love this crinoline redwork design...
A friend gave it to me, she said it was from her Grandma's stash of patterns.

I stitched this beautiful crinoline lady in redwork a year or so ago, made it into a cushion and gifted it to my D-I-L.
I added a deep red sashing fabric frame around the work, and it really did come up beautifully...so much so that I have decided to do one for myself.
Every time we visit and I see the cushion, I think... 'I love it, I must make one for myself'.
So, in my spare time, that's what I'll do...did I say spare time!...


  1. There is something very perennial about the crinoline lady. I don't think she will ever go out of fashion.

  2. I love this version! I've never seen it before. Yes, I don't think I could have given her away at all!

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I also love the crinoline lady. Have you thought about using the varigated thread for redwork. I think she would look rather nice in it.

  4. I have loved the Crinoline ladies since I was a small child! That is lovely.

  5. She's lovely. I'm always inspired by you! I love your little book covers, I love your red ladies, I love your cushions, Dear Jane, I want to try it all. You alway show such nice stuff.

  6. I like this, and I love redwork. I've been doing a little bit myself. Gifts!



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