Thursday, November 29

Christmas Bellpull...

Well it's nearly time to get out the Christmas quilts and put up the tree..
When do you start to decorate for the festive season?

I don't really know why, but it's been my tradition to get out the quilts from their resting place on the first day of December....they are in the spare bedroom, all neatly put away in a suitcase.
Above is a Christmas bellpull I made a couple of years ago, gorgeous vintage Santa prints embellished with SRE, sparkly threads and sequins.

Last year at Christmas time we were in Melbourne visiting our DD, who had gone over there to live for a year, it was the coldest Christmas day I can ever remember having in Australia.
It rained and the temp got down to 14 degrees Celsius, and we were booked into a restaurant near the beach, which made it even colder with the wind blowing in from the ocean.
Here in the west it will most likely be hot, in the mid to high 30's.

For the first time in a long while the family are all coming to our place...I'm so excited, you would think I was a little kid counting the sleeps till Santa comes!

As I sit here writing this post up my DGD Melissa arrives back in Perth from her travels around the world, here she is in Malta earlier this year, you might remember she sent me some Maltese lace.....her last stop over was in Japan for a couple of days.

I am so glad she is home safely...


  1. Wonderful Bell Pull - isn't it funny how we still make these things and almost no one has a bell to pull any more!

    We usually do outside decorations on Thanksgiving weekend, but not the tree. That was always Christmas Eve. The other things usually went up the beginning of Dec., like you.

    I know you will love seeing your granddaughter, as well as the rest of the family. I can understand why you are excited!

  2. I never decorate before my sons birthday on the 10th.
    Love the bell pull, very pretty.
    LOL I have no sympathy for you, 14 degrees would be wonderful on Christmas, much better than the usual 5-6.
    I hope you have a wonderful time with all of your family around you.

  3. Julia, your bellpull is gorgeous! I have to stop finding inspiration on internet! Or I need more hours in my day! Stunning work as always.

  4. What a beautiful bell pull you have. It must be a pleasure to see it every year.
    I also got the Christmas things out of the box today. The house is more red, gold and green now :-)

  5. Your bell pull is beautiful. Glad your DGD arrived safely, and looks SO happy. You have good reason for excitement for Christmas!

  6. I love Bell pulls too! That is lovely.
    So glad your Granddaughter is safely home.
    You will be so happy to have them all for Xmas!

  7. That bell pull is charming! I'm so used to seeing cross stitch bellpulls on blogs, that I had to look twice at this one!

  8. Such a beautiful bell pull! I just love all the old fashioned Santas. Thanks for sharing your lovely work.
    ~Lin Moon


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