Monday, November 12

And the Winner is!!!!!

I am so excited to announce the giveaway has been drawn, it has been fun, I wish I was able to send you all something, but I'd like to say a big thank you for taking part and coming by my blog.

My little friend Princess Lauren in her tiara has drawn out MEGGIE for the first gift giveaway!!! ...Congratulations Meggie, please email me privately with your home snail mail addy...

Meggie I know that you are more a sane quilter than CQer, so I thought perhaps I would make you up a goody bag for sane quilting plus a personally made gift from me, let me know.
Thank you for taking part.

And....then looking very pretty, Princess Lauren drew out Debbie Long for a second giveaway..congratulations Debbie!
Please email me privately with your home addy.

Thank you everyone...


  1. Lauren is just the cutest little girl! What fun to have such a great helper. =)

  2. Princess Lauren, you are the prettiest Princess in the Country!
    Thank you so much for drawing my name!
    I posted 'grumpy' today, but you made my day!
    Walks away singing!!

  3. Julia,

    Just wanted to stop in and say congratulations on your 600 posts and ALL those visitors! I believe I came here first after visiting at Sharon B's "In a minute ago" blog. I've been popping in ever since. I love your quilting and embroidery and you always inspire me to do more. Thanks for sharing your projects and talents with us.



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