Thursday, October 25

Wired Ribbon Pansy...tutorial

I have been so busy this week cleaning and working on my Dear Jane blocks, that I have been neglecting my blog...
Here's a little tutorial on making these gorgeous wired ribbon pansies, they are so easy to do, and look so effective when placed in an embroidery piece like this.
Make these pansies and do your own little arrangement...enjoy!

You will need 56 cm of a wire edged ribbon
Strong Thread to match ribbon
7mm Yellow silk ribbon for centres
Black thread

Cut 2 X 10cm pieces of wire edged ribbon.
Overlap ribbons at right angles and stitch edge as in dia. 1
Pull thread gently and knot.

The stitched edge will be the centre.

Cut 1 piece of ribbon 28cm long
Fold and pin as in dia 2.
Stitch the edge as in dia.2
Pull up thread gently and tightly and secure
This makes 3 front petals.
The stitched edge will be the centre

Cut 1 x 8cm piece of ribbon
Fold and Stitch as in dia. 3
Pull thread up to form a bud

Place the two back petals (slightly higher) behind the three front petals, and stitch securely in place at the centre of pansy with matching thread. Using a narrow yellow silk ribbon threaded on chenille needle make a soft knot to fill in centre, and secure the ribbon at the back
To finish off pansy stitch a few straight stitches around centre in black stranded cotton.

Arrange on your choice of fabric, highlight and finish off with a few ribbon daisies and ribbon leaves in among the flowers...refer to picture for inspiration...

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  1. You've been doing beautiful things while I was gone! I really love the Teddies at play. Thanks for this tutorial. Ingrid gave me some pansies, and some aren't quite completed, so I will now be able to make the centers, and arrange them nicely on something.

  2. I have promised myself I will try these. It is so hot today, I couldnt bear to touch a needle & thread,, though!

  3. Hi these are so easy to make and yet fantasticly effective. I'm now on a mission to find out how to make other flowers, I am realy bad at finding stuff on the web so if you have any other tutorials for other flowers.yes please.
    Love & Light Doreen


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