Monday, October 29

UFO....SRE...In My Garden

Uncovered...another Work In Progress!
While I was having a cleanup of my very messy sewing room, I came across this embroidery, that I started way back when...can't even remember when!
I really do need to finish this or find a good home for it.
I love the wisteria growing up over the trellis, and the hollyhock in the garden..this is the kind of garden I wish mine was... but living close to the beach, the Indian Oceans wind and salty air is not the best for growing delicate flowers.

As the result of my cleaning, I have decide to reopen my Etsy shop and try to clear out some of my stuff.
Now, I wonder what else is hiding in the cupboards..


  1. I really love this WIP - it deserves center stage in whatever you decide to showcase it with!

  2. OHHHH I LOVE your trellis and flowers! I remember somewhere being told to leave space between your work so a bird can fly through - and this is definitely airy and yet so balanced. Beautiful!

  3. Oh Julia
    I love your little WIP- the colours are so pretty- are you going to finish it or put it back to be another ufo- I think you should finish it myself
    love n hugs bearxoxoxoxo


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