Friday, October 19

Potted French Garden...

I'm still working on my Dear Jane quilt for a few days... I stitched this sweet little embroidery a few years ago ... I thought I would share this with you to make for yourself or perhaps for a gift...Christmas is only a few weeks away!


Fabric and Pellon: 14”x12”
Double sided satin ribbon: 15mm Burgundy, 1 Metre.

Silk Ribbon: 7mm Pink 2 Metres, 7mm Burgundy 2 Metres, 7mm Mauve 1 Metre. 2mm Sage Green 2 Metres.
DCM Threads: Green 647, Yellow Gold 437, and Mauve 211.

5 Small Pearl Beads.

Fold the fabric in half horizontally and vertically, and finger press to find centre.
Making sure to line up the centre of fabric to the centre of the design sheet. With a HB pencil and using your preferred light source, lightly pencil in the placement for the folded ribbon roses. Tack pellon onto the back of the fabric.

No. 20 & 22 Chenille needles are used for the ribbon embroidery,

No. 9 crewel needles are used for the thread work.

No. 9 straw needles are used for the bullion stitches.
Working up from the folded ribbon roses....

1. FOLDED ROSES: With the 15mm Burgundy double-sided satin ribbon, make five small folded roses. Stitch in place using matching thread. Using the 3mm Green ribbon, Ribbon stitch two leaves at the base of each rose.

2. DAISES: Directly above the roses, using the 4mm pink ribbon (5), work in four 5 petalled daises in ribbon stitch.

3. SPIDER WEB ROSES: With thread to match ribbon stitch in five evenly spaced spokes for the rose. With the 7mm Burgundy ribbon work five small spider web roses above the daises.

4. BRIAR ROSES: Using the 7mm Pink silk ribbon (5), stitch in five 5 petalled Briar Roses in loop stitch. Now with one strand of DMC thread (437) work one straight stitch in each rose petal and a Pearl bead in centre of each rose.

5. BUDS: With the darker 7mm Pink ribbon (22) stitch in five groups of 3 Buds as shown in the design sheet.

6. LAVENDER: With two strands of the Mauve cotton and the Straw needle, Starting at the base of the Lavender and working up the sprig, Stitch in Thirteen 11 wrap Bullions as shown in design sheet.

7. LEAVES: Stitch in lazy daisy leaves around daises and around buds and at the base of the Lavender. Next work straight stitches and Fly stitches on the base of Buds and Lavender.

8. LOOP STITCH LEAVES: Using 3mm Green ribbon. Loop stitch leaves around folded roses and also make a few ribbon stitch leaves at each side of the end roses.

9. TERRACOTTA POT: Place the terracotta pot underneath the folded roses making sure the loop stitch leaves are not caught under, Stitch in place or glue on using a clear drying tacky craft glue.

Your finished work is now ready to be framed. A boxed frame with matching Matt Board will enhance your work and keep it free from dust.

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