Tuesday, October 23

Not Much Stitching...

Not much stitching getting done here lately...
I've thrown myself into spring cleaning, covering a SRE book, and a stitch or two on my Dear Jane blocks when I can get to them.
We seem to have had a very long dull cold winter, and now into the second month of spring, the sun is shinning at last, and I can see all the things that need doing.
DH sees me going about cleaning madly and he says..'are we expecting company'..
Well truth be known, I am having a few ladies over for a sewing day soon...hush, don't tell him, because he knows , he then will have to resign to his shed for the day to escape our noisy chatter....smile!
Back to work...windows need doing!


  1. LOL Does he have to hide in the shed? Or would he be welcome to pick up a needle and join in, or maybe just be tea boy for the day? ;-) LOL

  2. tea boy sounds good Loulee!
    i shall have to talk to him about that.
    When us 10 ladies get together the noise can be a bit much!!LOL!


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