Monday, October 8

My Two Pretties...embellished

Last night I embellished my two pretties...
On this first one, I just worked in a very simple side-on five petal flower with tiny ribbon stitch buds trailing up and down around the cameo and the lace motif.
I beaded the lace flowers with the same beads that circle the cameo.
Sometimes, simple and less is 'more'...making this elegant and I hope Victorian...

I just love how these two pretties have come up embellished...
I love this one the most, here I have worked in the Melanie Rose at both sides of the cameo and trailed off with tiny ribbon buds around the cameo and lace motif.
The rich green silk ribbon really sets it all off, the purple ribbon is my favourite to use Bucilla Purple Haze.

Now if I get time today, I shall make up these two book covers..

oh dear! is going to be so hard to give these away, but they are for two very special ladies, and I guess I can always make another...


  1. Oh WOW those are stunning! I really admire your style! Those ladies are going to love their gifts I'm sure!

  2. Beautiful Julia, you're right, very elegant and understated. Less is most definately more.

  3. Julia, those are both just so beautiful!

  4. These are just gorgeous! Those lucky recipients are going to love them!


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