Friday, September 14

Sitting and Stitching...

This photo is what I've been doing these last few days.....sitting in my chair, hand quilting.
I still have not finished the second sewing CQ cushion, but I have managed to get a lot of hand quilting done on the second Dear Jane section block.

We have had no car for a week, as DH had a small altercation with a post...yes a post!...he simply did not see we had that to take care of.

In his defence, I must add, the post was lower than the car, and as he went to back out of the parking bay near the trolly bay, he did not go out far enough before starting to swing the car around and wham!...took out the passenger side front light and least no one was hurt and it could have been worse...just his pride was hurt!
We thought that as it was not a lot of damage, it would not take long to repair....wrong!
It went in to the repairers on Monday sure hope we get it back today, before the weekend...

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