Sunday, September 2

Sewing CQ...cushion finished

Well, as you can see above, the sewing CQ has ended up as a cushion...

I just added a little red 1930's reproduction fabric ruffle all around the cushion, the back is just plain cream calico, and I think it's come up a treat!..
I did not think it would come up so I said before I was worried about the fabrics being too busy...but I think the half Dresden plate makes all the difference.
Now I have another idea for the next one, so check back in a couple of days.

I really do have to make another one, as this one looks a bit lonesome on it's own...good excuse to make another!

Tip: round off the corners if adding a ruffle...makes it so much easier than the sharp corners to sew around and to put together...


  1. Thats finished up really pretty. You are right about the half plate, it draws the whole thing together. I'd be tempted to put another half plate on the second one, for me that would really say pair!
    Thanks for your encouraging words when you stopped by my place.

  2. Julia, that is absolutely charming! I've always loved 30's prints. I have a huge box full of them. One of these days, I'll have to use them for something!


  3. Julia, your crazy quilting is gorgeous. I loved the addition of the fan shape on the crazy background. Very creative!

  4. Such a lovely finished product! It looks so feminine. Great job - waiting to see the next one!

  5. Pretty, pretty! The 1/2 plate works so nicely. The fabrics look so good together. Looking forward to the next one.

    Also, thanks for the link to Saint Anne.

  6. Julia, I exclaimed out loud, at how lovely that cushion is!! I just love the result. It is just splendid!!

  7. OMG Julia, the cushion is absolutely adorable! Yes, it does need a buddy:)

  8. I think you know how I feel about people cutting up precious vintage linens to use in other projects>:-(

    But I have to say this is absolutely gorgeous. If I send some of my lesser doilies up to you, would you care to make something up for me? Just give me a quote!!!

  9. Stunning Julia, this really is a most beautiful cushion and even with all those florals, it isn't too busy! Amazing!


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