Sunday, September 9

Sewing Cq # 2...

Just a little bit more to do on this one...

I have added the half Dresden plate, I think it really does add a vintage charm to this block.
Susan likes and asked about the tape measure bow, here it is, not quite sure if that's where it will stay, I'm thinking it's too close to the Dresden plate, but I will stitch it on somewhere on this block.
I still need to do something around the print on the left, and also the doily on the far right needs something added to it.
It doesn't show up to well, but I have added a heart tatted piece to the mauve fabric on the right, it's in varigated thread, so it doesn't show up too good.

That's the beauty of posting your unfinished work onto the computer, it lets you see it as others would see it and you can pick up where or what needs work done on it...

Beautiful sunny spring day here today...good day to spend some time in the garden...


  1. I am enjoying the progression of this piece. I have never seen a cq done in 1920s reproduction fabrics before. Ho did you come to the decision to use them?

  2. I really like it. Maybe the bow needs to be between the two doilies on the right? Yes, I see all kinds of things when I look at my photos - that's usually when I discover a block is in the quilt wrong! LOL!


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