Saturday, September 15

Sewing Cq # 2 ...finished.

Opps! a bit blurry.
My Sewing Cq # 2 is finished...
I love them, they really do look great in real life...they have a lovely homely look about them.
It's amazing what one can make out of practically nothing...and it's a great sense of achievement when it works!

My little gripe...
Still no car, it's so annoying!
The car was supposed to be finished Thursday, then Friday.
We were told to pick it up 4.30 Friday afternoon, it was raining, but off we went, all rugged up brolly in hand....a good 30 minute walk.
We sat and sat, people coming and going, picking up their cars...5.30 pm, someone came out and said there was a problem.
Apparently, the wrong mudguard was sent out...wrong model, so they said...arhh!!
They would have to get another one next week, so they gave us a loan car... which is a bomb!
I'm too scared to drive it, Dh is very wary of it...the brakes sound terrible, so there it sits in the garage, until next week.

If you read my gripe, thank you...I just had to tell someone, so I told everyone...


  1. What a pain Julia, no car!
    Your cushions look wonderful. What an imaginitive way to use pretty doilies.

  2. Your pillows are darling! The dresden plate under the photo really draws the eye. LOVELY!!!!

  3. I love the pillows. In my extremely limited experience, I have never seen a cqer do a project with those types of fabrics. Very creative.

  4. What charming pillows...they look so authentically vintage!

  5. I love those cushions! I have never done CQ so perhaps that is a really good way to start- plus I have bought a few little doilies & dont really know what to do with them.
    Sympathise about the car, we had similar woes, & the loaner was a terrible thing. I wouldn't drive it,& Gom had trouble with it too.

  6. Julia, frustrating without a car, when you finally gets yours back - no one will see you for dust!
    Your cushions are just stunning and I love your new display photo - yum!! LOL


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