Friday, September 21

Quilted Diamonds...# 88

I know, you are all going to think I'm crazy...perhaps I am a little !
I am going to do the Quilted Diamonds quilt with a couple of friends, this will be another quilt like the DJ that will get done over some time....we are meeting once a month, these blocks will be all hand pieced, so it will take quite a while to make.
The QD quilt designed and made by Linda Franz was inspired by Jane Austen and the DJ quilt.
The diamond blocks are the DJ blocks elongated into the diamonds, the original is made up in all Blues and White, and just beautiful!
I bought these fabrics and I have done this first diamond to see if these colours will work for me.
I'm still not too sure about the colours, it's going to look very Shabby Chic in these fabrics...I'm thinking the green might be a bit too bright, tho there will only be little bits of the green here and there on the blocks, this will most likely be the most green on one block.
I intend to put plain cream blocks in between the pieced blocks, so I'll do another block and see how they look together...

BTW... we have our car back.. at last we have wheels again, and I can go shopping!


  1. What a pretty block. I love the fabrics you chose too.

  2. I think those fabrics are nice together Julia. Look forward to seeing more!


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