Friday, August 31

Sewing CQ....More progress.

I've done a little bit more on my Sewing CQ...and it's looking quite pretty.
I was worried that it was going to be too busy, but I love it!
Top left lace corner is held down with a pretty pink herringbone stitched edges, and I have added buttonhole wheels to the lacy flowers with green detached chain stitch leaves..
I herringbone stitched around the lace framing the bigger picture, then added colonial knots in between the stitches.
There's little detached chain stitch buds on the blue doily, and also on the bigger doily on the left.
I think I might some add tiny beads somewhere for a bit of sparkle..

This is the bottom right corner, need to see what I'll put around the little girls sewing picture... I have these sewing charms that I might add for a bit of interest...

At this stage, I'm thinking of making another block similar to this one and making them into a pair of cushions...not sure!


  1. It's very pretty. I think because you have kept your stitching to a minimum that has helped it to not become overly busy.
    I have to say, this is not at all what I was expecting when you first mooted the idea of using your doilies. :-)

  2. This is so cute. I love the fabrics. I also applaude your good taste in your 'siggie' choices. I put the same ones on my blog sidebar last year :-)

  3. I will admit that I wondered the same as you first displayed some of your choices, but I'm loving it. They blend so well together, and the embellishments are perfect. Great job!

  4. It turned into a great cushion, but what happened to the little measuring tape bow charm? I loved that one most of all.


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