Sunday, August 26

New Project and Excited!...

Auditioning fabrics and doilies...
I'm so excited to be starting a new project, this will be a tribute to something that we use and that over the years has gotten very techno and sophisticated...not sure if that is a good word ,but anyway!
These fabrics and doilies together with the humble sewing machine, will be the focus of my next project.
Sewing has been a big factor in my life, all I have ever done is sew, even from before the day I left school at the age of 15.
My love for sewing started back in primary school, I had a great sewing teacher...then my best friend's mother had an old treadle, well it wasn't old then!
We used to get together and make dolls cloths, pot holders and aprons, you know the usual things that were made for the annual school fete...I just loved using that treadle machine, and yes I do have one now myself and I do use it from time to time.

After I left school I started a job in a suitcase factory, lining the old brown cases with paper, making flour and water paste to glue the paper down...oh how I hated that job!...I only stayed there for 6 months.
Then a job came up in a clothing factory, I went for an interview, was lucky enough to score the job, and as the saying goes the rest is history!
I started out on the 'finishing' table cutting threads, sewing on hooks and eyes, making fabric and ribbon roses, then moved on to learning the button, buttonhole,and hemming machine...I was in heaven!
Eventually, I graduated to the 'real' machines, learnt to make beautiful very stylish frocks, they were the days when the ladies used to really dress up!
The bosses teenage daughter used to come in nearly every week to have a new dress made, she used to host a TV show back then when we first got TV here... gosh, that sounds ancient doesn't it!
The label that we worked under was called, 'Zenith Modes' , doesn't that sound swish!
So, to cut a long story short, sewing has been my life...


  1. I loved your story about sewing & Zenith Modes! Even the name says a lot.
    Enjoy your new project.

  2. Wow, so much I never knew about your background in sewing! No wonder you can make those wonderful, delicate things on your blocks. I love the name of the label.

    The new project looks exciting. I can hardly wait to see what you are doing with all that. =)

  3. You have some very pretty pieces there.
    Thanks for sharing your story, it was interesting.

  4. I love to hear stories of the women in the rag trade. My dear (and now departed) m-i-l started much the same as you, and ended up as the sample-maker. In other words, not the fastest on the machines, but definitely the best.

    My beloved doesn't know the name of the label she worked for - must get him to fish around.

  5. I used to hear about zenith modes from a sewing buddy. Ah, the good old days. . .


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