Saturday, August 4

Family Quilt...memories..

At last I have been able to source some Burgundy silk Dupion fabric for the borders of my family quilt...

This piece on top is what I started out doing on a Duchess Satin piece of fabric, but that was not a good choice, every time I touched it , my rough skin or a nail would snag the fabric and leave little snags all over it, so that had to come off.

At last I have been able to get hold of some silk dupion fabric and now perhaps I can finish the family quilt !

I'm thinking I will have to go for a lighter coloured thread for the lettering as the dark green does not really show up very well on the least this was a good practice run and now I can get on with it and get it finished...


  1. I love the way the stitching looks, a shame you have to redo it. I can see it blends way too much, though. Glad you found the Dupioni you needed!

  2. I just love Dupion silk to work with. I got a nice big piece for $2 at a garage sale today!


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