Wednesday, August 8

Elegant New Bag...yes another bag!

Yes, I've made another bag!
This is from the same pattern as the leather bag and a couple of other bags I have made, I could just see this fabric made up in this bag...
The fabric is a lovely Japanese fabric with gold highlights, together with the black, it looks very stunning!.
I was going to keep it for myself, but I don't think I would use it enough, it's going in my Etsy shop.
We have been having a lot of purse snatchers in our shopping centres lately, they are so brazen, they just take your purse out of you shopping bag and you wouldn't even know they had taken it.
So for this reason, I don't think I would use the bag...I'm a bit paranoid about the bag snatchers and I like having my bag over my shoulder and across my's sad, but it's true!...

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  1. That's a beautiful bag. I love the design of it, and the fabric is just perfect. It's too bad about the purse snatchers. I guess there are always criminals, but I'd like a world where there aren't!


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