Monday, August 13

Been Away...

Not a stitch sewn all weekend...
We have been away visiting our car crazy DS#2...above is his collection of the Aussie Holden Torana cars and his prized possession the old Aussie Ute.
He drove all the way across the country from one side to the other towing a car trailer just to pick up the metallic bronze car that he bought recently online, while over there he saw and fell in love with the blue Ute, and of course he just had to have it too!
Ever since he was a toddler he has loved cars...played quietly for hours, making roads in the sand or making roads on his bed sheets while in bed and pretended to drive cars in the folds of the bed sheet...
DS's hero Peter Brock also known as 'Peter Perfect' and the 'King of the Mountain', he won the Bathurst 1000 nine times in the 1970s and 80s, sadly was tragically killed last year in a rally car race, Peter was an iconic figure and a legend in his own right, drove Holden Torana's just like the cars above, modified of course for racing.
DS took us for a drive in each of the cars, and I must say the Ute is my favourite of them all, such a classic, it's a 1961 original Wedgwood Blue, in perfect condition.
Just while driving around in it, turning heads as it drove past people...he could have sold it over and over, everyone loves it.
The yellow car is a drag racing car...and boy can she go! souped up for racing and runs on Av gas, aviation fuel, and no kidding, when DS hits the pedal it's like taking off down the runway in a jet...she can go!


  1. My DS is car crazy too. These are beauties!!


  2. My Hunny had a look over my shoulder, he enjoyed your post and wishes he'd been with you. Hunney wants to own a Holden HSV one day! Can't agree with his sdoration of Peter Brock though, Murph is the hero here.

  3. I smiled when I read your post. My favourite car was a silver Torana- loved it, & it was all mine!
    OUr son has a 1962 S series Valiant, it is the 3rd one he has owned, & he just loves it!

  4. Gorgeous car's your son owns Julia. My very first car was a Torana S .... :-) great car's. However, the Blue Ute is my favorite as well.

  5. I love going to old car shows. I can see it would be a whole new learning game in Oz!

  6. Must show this pic to my hubby, Julia. He had a Torana GTR XU1, mustard yellow with a black vinyl roof. He loved that car, then some prick stole it one night from under our flat. Even though we got it back minus the sound system, alternator, battery, etc, it was never the same. Broke Ken's heart.


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