Saturday, August 4

All That Glitters is Not Gold...

I went to a great craft show yesterday with friends...
There were beautiful quilts of all sizes and styles on show and lots of stalls for buying stuff and great free workshops to take in if one desired.
I took a workshop with Dijanne Cevaal, (blog) a very talented Textile artist, Dijanne ( some of her work) travels the world teaching her method of dying fabrics, machine and hand surface texture... just amazing!
I didn't really buy very much, but I did pick up these glittery cording threads and a great buy on Hannah bias hand dyed silk you can see the price of $1 on the packs..that was a dollar for 3 metres, how good was that!....I wish I had bought lots more now!
As usual, in my excitement to get there early, I forgot to take my camera, there were lots beautiful textile art to wear on show, some done by students of local high schools, and they were just amazing....garments made from plastic bags, that you would not believe, they started out as plastic bags, or bubble wrap, bits of wood, nuts and bolts...what creativity and imagination these kids have.
All in all it was a great day, the inspiration and little tips and things I learned are priceless...


  1. sounds like a fantastic day. Enjoy your goodies.

  2. Wow, what a price, in anybody's dollars! Beautiful threads, too. I know you will do something marvelous with them. =)

  3. beautiful glittery cording. How fun!

  4. Lovely Julia. I bet you are itching to use them.

  5. Oh Julia.....after all the goodies you bought recently,how could you MISS OUT on Beryl Taylor's workshop!!
    GUESS who's going to visit Robyn Alexander at Mullumbimby on Thursday??


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