Saturday, July 7

One corner of my family room...I show you the quilts close up ...
Topiary Tree Quilt...
Sorry about the colour of this picture, the lighting was not very good yesterday.
I love this wall hanging quilt, but I always felt like the tree was not quite finished and needed a bow or something on it.
That's the trouble with me, if I put something down or away, I never get back to it, that's why I like to do one thing at a time and finish it..... I just never had the time to get back to this to add a day!


  1. I love the peek at your living room corner. That's a great quilt. If you still feel it needs a bow, why don't you make one out of ribbon and pin it on? Then you can take it off when you need to wash it, and it will add more 3-dimensional whatever to it than the yo-yos. It's beautiful as it is, of course!

  2. Love that tree. I love the little bluebirds of happiness on the top too. Your lovely work in the top photo makes that room look so cosy.

  3. Julia I think it looks nice without a bow too - certainly doesn't look like it is not finished. Such a nice place to sit in the above photo, your quilts are beautiful.

  4. Wow! You have way too much eye candy here. I can't decide which one I like more. Awe the heck with it, they are all GORGEOUS! I like how you have your laundry room, and that cute wall hanging and washboard! I am going to have to show my husband, so he can make me one too!!


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