Sunday, July 8

This wall hanging is a done to look like a stained glass window...
The fabric shapes are cut out and double fused onto the background fabric, then the black bias is sewn on by hand...very carefully going around all the curvy bits of the roses.
Making it a very striking piece...

Still working on my family quilt among other things, but hope to have it finished this coming week..


  1. No matter what the medium, your work is always exceptional. Lovely!

  2. This is delightful, have always loved the stained glass quilts. They really look amazing and this one is gorgeous.

  3. That is a very beautiful stained glass work.

  4. I've always loved those stained glass window quilts too. I asked somebody once how much it would be to make one for me, and as i expected, it was far more than I could afford. Understandable - quilting like any textile work, takes a lot of time and effort. I guess I'll just have to learn it one day and make my own...but don't hold your breath waiting to read on my blog that I've done it - LOL!


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