Monday, July 23

Table Cloths...

My favourite table cloth...
I pieced and appliqued this table cloth that is on my casual meals table a few years ago, and I just love it!
It's from one of the Aussie P & Q patchwork books, sorry, but I can't remember the name of the designer.
I'm sure you Aussie girls will remember the original design which is like the first one I did (below) , with Country Chicks worked with Debbie Mumm fabrics..
I decided to make this one with bunches and baskets of flowers and bows
BTW...that mess below is my little corner in the family room where I sit and stitch..


  1. I love the table quilt!! Adorable

  2. The tablecloth is wonderful, very attractive on your table. I really like the corner you shared. This just looks perfect and well-used!

  3. Love that table quilt! And I loved the peek at your work corner.

  4. Oh that is a pretty tablecloth, Julia. All mine are embroidered linens; not a quilted one among them! Your work corner looks busy, but surely you use more space than that? I have a quilting friend whose work stretches from one end of her craft room to the other - very long tables, smaller side tables, sewing machine, etc. No wonder she needs a whole room to herself!

  5. I just loved that tablecloth!! Would it be too much to ask what is in the center of it? And, also, where did you get the pattern? I am a beginner quilter (I've made three so far) and would greatly appreciate if you could tell me so I could try and make one for myself. I am sure it will NEVER come close to your expertise but, nevertheless, I would love to try it.

    I am a Brazilian that married an American and I have been living here now for almost nine years, and quilting became my secondon passion (hubby is the first!).

    Again, I greatly appreciate any information you can, perhaps, give me.


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