Friday, July 20

Sunbonnets Quilt...

This cute quilt is Sun Bonnet Sue & Overall Sam...
I made this single bed size quilt up in 1930's reproduction fabrics...very sweet in all the pastel colours.
I don't know if you can see them... click on picture to come up bigger.... a lot of the Sue's have lace petticoats or lace on their bonnets, there is also ribbon embroidered flowers in the baskets and on the bonnets.
Sam has patches on his overalls and fish on his fishing line.
I got these patterns from the Better Homes & Gardens 501 blocks, a great book with just about every block there is to, applique, piecing etc...

I'm still working on my family quilt, it may have to be put on hold for a while , as I can not find any Burgundy silk dupion fabric for the frustrating, as I really would like to have it finished, I'm told it will be a couple of weeks for new stock to arrive...


  1. Thats really petty. I like the way that each Sue or Sam is a little bit different.

  2. That is a very sweet quilt. I love Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam. My daughter cant stand them! Isnt it odd how tastes differ so.

  3. Oh your quilt is so gorgeous!!! I Love the Sun Bonnet Sue!!

  4. Darling quilt! I always love Sunbonnet Sue anything. This is in great colors.

    Did you check

    Put in dupioni and a lot of links come up - some reorderable colors and some promotional pieces. I've ordered lots from them for crazy quilting, and never been disappointed. There's a Cinnabar re-orderable color that might work, depending on how dark it needs to be. or Sumptuously Red, Burgundy Wine Red, or Redwood on the promotional. Raspberry Lagoon wouldn't work - I've had that and there's a blue cross thread. Peacock blue, almost.


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