Tuesday, July 10

More of my quilts.. another corner of my family room

More quilts in another corner of my family room....
There must be about 7-8 quilts on that quilt stand that my DH made me, every now and then I rotate them on the stand so the bottom ones don't get permanent creases on them from the weight of the others.
My place is getting that the only room left is on the ceiling!!

This little quilt wall hanging is a bit of fun...
"Me in my Garden"....well not quite, but that's what the grand kids used to say it was.
I did quite a few country quilts a few years ago when I first started doing p/work, and many featured birdhouses, my favourite quilter designer back then was Debbie Mumm.
These days I seem to favour more traditional quilts, quilts that date back to the civil war and the beautiful embellished Victorian style of CQ.
Well, I'm off to meet my stitching pals today so must go, get ready and see what I'll take with me to work on...


  1. I love the quilt on top of the pile. I believe it's called Grandmas garden. Is that a Dresden plate I see peeking out behind it? Your quilts are an inspiration to me.

  2. O I would love to be able to see all your quilts in person, & give them all a pat!


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