Tuesday, July 3

Family Quilt...nearly done!

A bit more embellishing on this block, and it will be done..can't wait now to finish this block and put the quilt together.

Last night I embellished the sun bonnet with ribbon flowers and a ribbon bow trailing out at the sides.
I worked in Fargo roses and leaves to the stem stitch vine around the right side photo, and finished it off with detached chain stitch flowers over the lace motif flowers in a pretty pink 4mm ribbon.
On the other big photo, I have worked in a feather stitch with purple rose buds in ribbon and thread floss, alternating each one around the photo, just need to add some leaves to that now and embellish the lace corner piece....not sure what I'll do there yet.
Now I'm really stumped as what to do around the tomboy's photo....I can't help smiling each time I look at that cheeky grin,...she is 12 yrs old, taller than me now, and loves to let me know that she is!...

A little update on my adventurous G/ daughter's travels...she is in London with her boyfriend, rented an apartment and found a job to earn some money for a while, as you can imagine, with what is going on over there at this time, we are a little worried for her safety, but I'm sure she will be fine....


  1. It just gets better and more interesting. It will be great to see it whole!ktj

  2. Wonderful block! I love the little bicycle motif and the seam to the left of it. Really beautiful composition. So now to put them together! I look forward to seeing your quilts around the house.


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