Wednesday, July 4

Family Quilt....last block done!!

That's it!...the last block is done...
I'm calling this block finished, so I can put the quilt together to enjoy the family photos and all the work that went into it.
I'm really pleased with how this block turned's happy and bright without being too fussy.
I think I'll just join up the blocks and embellish the seams a little with feather stitch, and perhaps finish the quilt off with a border in silk or velvet fabric around the outside perimeter of the quilt...
In the mean time, while I do this, I thought I might start off tomorrow by posting pics of the quilts I have done and have on display around my please come back and see what I have to show you...


  1. Julia, that is just beautiful. Cant wait to see the posts of your other quilts too.

  2. I agree Julia, it is perfect. Love the bike appliqué. This is going to be such a special family heirloom. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Just gorgeous Julia, love the bike - looking forwards to seeing the finished quilt.


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