Sunday, July 1

Family Quilt...Auditioning Motifs

I can't quite get the whole block in the scanner, but here I am auditioning some lace motifs...
The corner lace piece on the left is off another Iris Linen hankie my dear friend Shari gave me, it has three, three leaf clovers on it, for good luck.
I thought the lace bonnet world look nice here with the grand children, once it's embellished with flowers and ribbon, it should do nicely.
What do you think about the little bike motif....I thought it would go perfectly near our little tomboy, but I'm not too sure, I'll leave it there for a while and think about it.
Now off to do some embellishing...


  1. Exactly what I wanted to comment the other day about a photo of the grands when they were young, but blogger wouldn't let me. I love the lace idea, too! You're just about there...

  2. Your Family Quilt is coming together beautifully! What a treasure! I like the little bike by the tomboy. What adorable Grands you have!


  3. I like the little bike too! I think it is a nice fun touch. The bonnet is also very sweet.


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