Wednesday, July 18

Blue Quilt...

I love this quilt...I am not really a blues person, but this I love..
I made it a few years ago from an Aussie Patchwork & Quilting magazine, as you can see, it is quite big, I am standing on a chair holding it up.

This is a close up of one of the blocks, it's down the bottom left, another doll block is on the right.

The little girl looks like she has a beard!...but rest assured it is just the blanket stitching around her face.

I have this quilt on the bed in the spare bedroom...


  1. Julia, all your quilts are just simply stunning. Your home looks beautiful with them all displayed the way you have. I especially love the heart quilt, there is a similar one in a very early magazine which I have wanted to make for so long..... one day. Thanks for sharing them all with us!

  2. As I happen to like blues a great deal, I really enjoyed seeing your picture of this one. I like the combination of different techniques. Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilts.

  3. I Love this quilt too! I have made it with purples for my Granddaughter, & she loves it too.
    Purple is her favourite colour.

  4. Oh my, that little girl is adorable! How cute is that!!! Your work is amazing, and your such an inspiration for me. Thanks hon!


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