Saturday, July 14

And Another Quilt....Dolly Quilt

My Dolly Sampler Quilt...

I love the colours of this quilt, I can't quite remember when I did this quilt.

I put my name and the name of the quilt on the back, but no how did I ever I forget to do that!
One should always name and date your quilt, for future reference and of course for years down the never know where or who it will end up with.
I do remember, when making this quilt that I wanted it smaller than the original, so I thought I would just leave off the seam allowances...well, now I know never to do that again, it gave me so much trouble....especially the top left hand block, which is called "Goose in the Pond" like this one here .
I remember having to add on another round of strips to make up the size needed for the block, so that it was the same size as all the others...but it still turned out OK...
Still more quilts to come...


  1. Your dolly quilt is great. If you hadn't mentioned that you had a size problem with that one block, I doubt anyone would ever notice. The redwork one is wonderful. I love the ladies and the gardens. Those "stack and whack" kind of quilts are very popular still. My friend made hers like yours.

  2. I love all your quilts. I laughed about trying to just leave off the seam allowances- I thought of that, but glad now I didnt do it!


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