Tuesday, June 12

The Postman Cometh....

When I got home from p/work today there was a parcel waiting for me...
The parcel was addressed to "Nana and Little Grandad" from my DG/ daughter...her other DGdad was a very tall man and as my Dh was a lot smaller she always called him this, and to this day it has stuck.
Look what was inside!!

My DGD in Malta sent me these beautiful delicate pieces of Maltese lace.

This first one is made in what looks like a soft shiny silk thread and measures 9 inches across, it is just gorgeous.

It's made on the small island of Gozo which is an island just off Malta and only accessible by ferry

These two small coaster size pieces are made in a ecru cotton, with a butterfly in the middle, and measure 4 inches across.

and this one is made in the same thread as the top one. This one measures 7 inches square.
Melissa said she couldn't pick out which one to send, so she sent all three!

I'm thinking I should frame these to keep them nice and free from dust, I certainly could not use the bigger two of these in my Cq....


  1. Julia, these are beautiful and
    very special coming from Melisa
    and the place you met your DH.
    I love them and framing them
    sounds like a good thing to do.
    love janice

  2. OMG those are so beautiful!
    This blog is YOU:)

  3. Stunning and most beautiful pieces Julia, something to treasure for sure!

  4. What a beautiful Granddaughter you have, Julia! How nice of her to think of you, & write you such a lovely letter, & send those beautiful laces.

  5. Julia, I think I'd frame something that beautiful as well!!!! The laces are so delicate lookng.

  6. Beautiful laces, and how nice that she thought of you! She knows you, what would please you, that's a nice thing. =)

  7. I see a Maltese cross in the first lovely lacework. the butterflies are beautiful and the last gorgeous. Well they all are and I don't think a favourite could be possible. Lucky you Julia

  8. oh Julia
    I heard about Maltese lace from my Nana -she had a friend who was from Malta and even as a little girl I can remember her being so in love with it. Her friends home had many pieces of the lace on show- yours is beautiful as well and yup I like the idea of framing it it would be a shame if it were marked in some way wouldnt it??
    Wonderful GD for thinking of her special grandies and rewarding them like this!!
    much love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  9. These are extraordinary! I have something similar from my grandmother, I have been thinking of how to frame it

  10. What a thoughtful gift! Beautiful too.


  11. I've heard about this Maltese lace..it is quite famous I believe. You are very fortunate to have such a thoughtful grand daughter! I would definitely frame some of those pieces - they are far too beautiful to be used as an adjunct to something else..even something as lovely as your quilts!

  12. beautiful pieces! i coulnd;t imagine a more fitting thing to do with them.


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