Wednesday, June 6

I'm Back...

I have decided to come back to my old blog.
I just did not feel comfortable in the other blog, I feel that this is home and this blog is more me!
Thank you for going over to my Wordpress blog and I'm sorry to have messed you around a bit,.
I'll leave wordpress up for a while so that everyone knows I'm back here...


  1. Welocome back Julia! I set up on wordpress to, but wasn't comfortable with it. I haven't had a probs with blogger (touch wood) so I will stick with it until it all goes wrong!

    I had to scroll to the bottom of the page to get to your post to... after the end of the sidebar ( it might have something to do with the copyright bit, if you have just added that.

  2. Hi Julia, I must have known something, because I hadnt deleted your old blog off my side bar!
    Welcome back. I love your background, & though your banner was pretty it wasnt really 'you'!

  3. Thank you's so nice to be back...yes this feels more like home.

  4. Hi Julia, so glad you're back here. I prefer Blogger too.

  5. Julia,
    like you I've tried Wordpress too......I like the way I could add my own header,but think I will be returning to Blogger full time.
    Apart from needing to tidy up my side bars (which has me scared silly) I find Blogger easier to use......AND I never had any problems reading YOUR blog.


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