Wednesday, June 27

Grandson Glenn's Quilt... must be thinking..'what on earth is she doing now!!'....

This is going to be the centre panel of a quilt I'm making my DGS Glenn 26 yrs old, who is a events manager with a winery Sandalford Wines here in the Swan Valley.

In October there is going to be a concert with Lionel Richie and Marcia Hines.."An Evening on the Green" which Glenn has organized, he is a big fan of big bands, such as Guns and Roses, Metallica, etc....
I have never made him a quilt, so I thought I would make him a quilt with music fabric and what ever I could find to put in the quilt that reflects his love of music and the big bands.
He did especially ask if I could put a skull and cross bones as a centre panel...and this is what I have done....a bit scary, I think!
I double fused the skull and cross bones onto black fabric and blanket stitched around with white DMC floss and stem stitched the teeth in black floss.
As it will have to be a big queen size bed quilt, I'm going to do it in the 'quilt-as -you- go' .
All it is, is that you make up manageable reasonable size blocks...about 30 inches square, than you sandwich with batting and fabric, machine or hand quilt each one and then put the blocks together with sashing, and then it's just a matter of adding the binding.
All the quilting will be done, so you don't have that huge quilt to try and get under the machine...which believe me, it's a chore in itself!


  1. That skull and cross bones is fantastic Julia. Your DGS is going to love your quilt so much ...... I went and checked out the "quilt as you go", never knew one could do this. I am plucking the courage up to have a go at a quilt I have admired for 'many' years .. :-) Should be an interesting task considering how long it took for my last two to be completed. LOL

  2. You have done a fantastic job with the skull & crossbones. I must try the quilt as you go, I am getting too old to be trying to quilt on the machine. Shoulders ache so.


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