Thursday, June 7

Family Quilt.....son Joe and Family

It's so nice to back here in my old blog, it's like coming home into a lovely warm , cosy home, where I feel comfortable in my daggy slippers and I can be myself...
Thank you for coming back to visit me,

I worked a little on my family quilt blocks last night, the one above is of my eldest chef son Joe and his family, it was taken a few years ago, but it's the best one I have of them all together.
My granddaughter now is in uni doing forensic science and my grandson is in his last year at high school, he wants to be a sports/ Physical Ed teacher.
The lace piece under the photo is from a linen hanky that my dear friend Shari gave me.
I was very reluctant to pull it apart, but I know I would never use the hanky and it was a shame to just shove it in a drawer never to be seen again.
I thought it would look perfect here, I have embellished the beautiful piece with Melanie roses, trailing up and out at the sides.
I also added the vintage lace to the top right, and held it down with detached chain stitch buds and leaves..
I'll do a bit more on this or one of the other blocks tonight, as I have started a Dear Jane Quilt, and I really want to work on that a bit...


  1. The hanky corner looks perfect on the quilt Julia and the Melanie roses are gorgeous as usual. I agree that's it far better to use the hanky part than leave it in a drawer (where my nice ones live.

  2. Yes, the lace off the hanky is just perfect there, with your beautiful son & family. Those roses are just so lovely.

  3. Julia
    thank you for that tip- I have many hankies and dont use them and have wondered wot to do with the lovely laces- thank you very much- I have been able to see the wonderful progression of this block as its been made its so beautiful my dear friend- you do the most beautiful embroidery
    I loves you heaps Bear xoxoxoxox


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