Wednesday, June 20

Family Quilt...Progress

It seems like ages since I last posted...well, four days to be exact!
I can blame my Dear Jane quilt journey for that, it's just so addictive, I'm trying to get the first row of blocks done.
Anyway, here is what I managed to do last night on my family quilt.
I borrowed a great book from the P/work guild library yesterday...."Crazy Patchwork" by Janet Haigh, while it doesn't have as much stitch combinations and seam treatments as other books, it does have some great seam treatments.
Just what I needed to get me back working on the family blocks.... plus there are lots of great small projects that would make lovely gift ideas...a CQ covered lampshade, beaded heart, Cq covered boxes, SRE cushion, embroidered wool throw, scarfs and lots more.
Really worth checking out..

I have done a couple of seam treatments from the book on this block, above the photo, I have worked in a little row of purple flowers with stems and lazy daisy leaves.
The long seam on the left is nice with feather old favourite , but embellished with detached chain stitch buds facing the opposite way with two layers of fly stitch leaves.
There are a few more seam treatments I want to try later on...


  1. Your posts are always so initeresting! I am being slowly seduced to try this CQ art!!

  2. lovely and cheerful quilt Julia...i think you will be doing a lot of repairs over the years as this is bound to be loved to smithereens!


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