Friday, June 8

Family Quilt...Joe and family

I'm really enjoying working on this block...whether it's because the photo is in colour or it could be that I am looking at the kids as I work ..Proud Mum, Nana thing!
Last night, I added the deep burgundy Melanie roses to the cream vintage lace at the top right and I just love how they have turned out, and I think that piece of lace looks lovely and very Victorian.
I thought the lace motif needed a bit more to it, so I added some pink SRE french knots trailing out from the big Melanie roses and around the photo.
While I still had time last night, I added the curved feather stitch and embellished it with SRE rose buds, and I stitched down the leaves on the narrow lace on the top left with detached chain stitch, later on I will add some beads or Fargo roses to that lace..

Well, I seem to have struck a happy balance, I have been working on my Dear Jane blocks during the day when I have time, and working on my CQ in the my son Laurie always says " All's Good"...


  1. Just beautiful! I'm going to have to remember how you used the Melanie roses like that, I just love it!

  2. Gorgeous Julia! Really love your style of stitching, especially those famous feather stitch variations. It is one of my favorite stitches.

  3. Julia, this is really beautiful ..... such a gorgeous way to frame a family picture!


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