Thursday, June 28

Family Quilt...auditioning blocks

What a juggle it is ...trying to do so many things!
I have so many things to get finished , that I'm working a little on each project every day.
Here, I am auditioning my family quilt blocks to see if they need a bit more work and to see if they go together OK....I think, one more block should do it for this quilt.
Now if only I could only get the grand-children together long enough to take a photo.
A photo of the G/kids together would be perfect for the top centre block, but not much chance of that just yet... as one is in London, one in New Zealand, and my DIL and g/kids are in Greece, so I will have to find another photo to use or wait till they get back home.
Must go and do a bit more stitching...


  1. oh Julia
    wot a wonderful family quilt this is! and will be - this is going to be a wonderful record of your family- wat will you do if you have more little ones arrive???- I agree that would make the centre block brilliant but for now it seems with the kids spread all over the globe a wee bit difficult- I have really enjoyed watching you stitching this wonderful record of your family- Truly a wonderful and beautiful quilt

  2. You could get their parents to photograph them on the phone and then you could either collage it together in Photoshop or print them separately and collage them together with curly ribbon (phone cord) on the quilt surface.

  3. The blocks by themselves were lovely but as a grouping, they are amazing. What a wonderful family treasure this is!

  4. Golden treasure, without price!
    Good Luck with the photos. I liked the idea of amalgamating the phone photos.

  5. This is going to be amazing when you have finished Julia. Where are you going to hang it? One block to go and it's ready to be put together.

  6. Wow, you are close to finish it!
    I really love how it does look!


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