Friday, June 22

Family Quilt

A little more work on my family quilt blocks...
Slowly but surely, I am getting the blocks embellished.
This block is turning out to be a happy colourful block, I love this family photo with our kids and this photo of our youngest Laurie is just lovely...look at that smile!

Here, I have worked in Fuchsia flowers around the top of the family photo, and gorgeous Melanie roses in a purple silk ribbon around the bottom of Son's photo.
At the top, I caught down the lace trim with detached chain stitch buds and leaves in colour co-ordinating to that lace is a chevron and herring bone stitch combination with ribbon and lazy daisy flower buds.
The fan lace motif will be beaded and SRE, then I will need to fill in some of the patches...

Yesterday I started making a Jacket with that cheater quilted Japanese fabric I bought a few weeks ago.... it's nearly finished, just the sleeves to hem up and the front closure trims to add, then I will post a picture of it...


  1. I can hardly wait to see what you do on the fan. This block is coming together very nicely, and I love the variety of roses you do.

  2. You are right. Your son's smile could light a house! Wonderful.
    And you lovely family photo looks so happy too.

  3. indeed, that's a wonderful smile all right! a very handsome son you have there Julia, but what else could one expect with you and Reno as the parents


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