Saturday, June 9 grand daughter is in Malta

I don't have any photos to show you but my dear adventurous grand-daughter is in Malta...
I know some of you were interested to read about her travels..

hey everyone.
I'm now in Malta well actually on the island next to Malta, Gozo and loving it.
Kade (boyfriend) and I gave ourselves 5 days here and feel we definitely need more time so we're now in the process of trying to change ferry tickets etc.
So after leaving my little friend Melly in Bolivia I headed to Rio for a few relaxing days..............or not staying at a backpackers it never works out to be about chilling out... never the less met some pretty cool crew and partied for a few days.
I had a short stop over in Chile and flying in over the Andes was amazing.
I did however manage to get to do a tour of the favellas ( for those of u that have seen City Of God know about Favela).
Otherwise a quick run down. ...About 20% of Brazil's population live in Favela.
The houses are built on top of one another as there is only three roads, its a maze!!
Its free electricity and water as the pipes run from the mountain, and the power lines are just overloaded with wires .
The further down u live is cheaper as the sewage and rubbish obviously flow down.
So after Brazil I flew into Rome to met Kade.
We went to Naples for a look, then we stayed in Pompeii camping in our little tent.
Enjoying yummy food, drinking yummy coffee and cheap vino, but the best is the ice cream!!
We headed to Sicily and stayed on the East Coast around Taormina which was gorgeous, but rocky beaches whats up with that!!! .....Gee we are lucky in Oz!
So for those of you whom are still with me.....Malta has definitely been one of my favourites, the history is just amazing and coming into the Port looks like your coming into a bit of an Arabic country.
After watching the Maltese experience I learnt why and for about 200 years the Arabs ruled here before the British and you can see it come through in the Maltese language.
The town of Valletta is beautiful, with Maltese, Roman, British and Arabic influence.
Surrounded by a massive wall along with the two other peninsula's, this was to protect the city from invasion by bombs from boats in the war.
The people are definitely what make it. They are the nicest most helpful nation I've come across, since my grandparents are Maltese... god love em, must be were I get it from, ha ha... just jokes!!
Nah, but in all seriousness its been great. We hired a scooter the other day to explore the little island of Gozo, the island is pretty rocky and cactus' grow here, like Mexico again!
There are just massive churches dotted around the place. Though I'm not religious, checked a few out and they're pretty special.
Off for a dive tomorrow and can't wait!
Better be off, Take care all! peace, love Mel

I Just have to tell you, I cried reading this from Melissa, just to know she is ok and she's there where we were both born in Malta...bless her!


  1. Julia, I just love reading about your DGD's adventures and I also
    love seeing the pictures that you
    shared before. She is a brave girl
    to be doing all this travels on her
    on. She is a beautiful young lady.
    Love Janice

  2. Excellent she is doing really well Julia and she's in your home town. A wonderful experience for her and 'you'...... love reading the updates.

  3. Another enjoyable chapter in Melissa's tour, even without pics. How wonderful to visit her grandparents' birthplace.I have heard about Maltese icecream and would love to be able to try it.

    Small chance of Melissa binging some home I suppose. LOL.

  4. Well, that was a fun excursion! Thanks sharing her adventure with us!


  5. oh Julia
    wot a wonderful Grabdkid you have here and shes going along beautifully having fun but remembering to touch base with all of you home, sounds like she has lost her heart to Malta but so she should shes got the best grandies from there hasnt she??ggg
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo
    ps I love her journey shes so expressive and its wonderful keeping up with where she is and whats shes been doing!!


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