Saturday, June 16

Baby Quilt...finished

For the last few days I have been working on this baby quilt for a dear friends new grand baby...
Sorry the photo is a little blurred, I would never earn a living as a photographer, that's for sure!

My friend and I were neighbours years ago and I watched her two boys grow up, get married, one of the boys have a family of his own, and now the younger boy, (I should say man) has started a family.... as she also watched mine grow up and do the same.
We moved away to where we are living now when we retired about 13 years ago, and who should be our local chemist, but the younger of the two boys...a very much respected person in our community.
I thought I would make them a baby "I Spy" quilt.
Babies grow so quickly, I thought the baby could sit on this quilt when he is a bit bigger and look at all the colourful things on the quilt...
I forgot to mention the baby is a beautiful boy...congratulations to the new parents!


  1. What a cute little baby quilt. I like the definite blocks defining area. I haven't seen one done quite that way before, and it's very appealing. Life is full of little coincidences, isn't it?

  2. What a wonderful story Julia, and what a lovely baby gift!


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