Monday, May 21

Textile Pink Purse...

Textile Pink Purse 1
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I'm taking some time off from my family quilt to experiment and play with textiles..
This is a whole new world for me, but I'm loving it.
I'm still finding it quite hard to completely break out of my love for the Victorian look, but slowly as I learn more about this fascinating textile work, I'm sure it will be easier to be more adventurous.
Yesterday I played again and made up this purse.
I have had several packets of Angelina fibres for a couple of years and until now had no idea on what to do with them.
Here I have placed a mix of hot pink and gold Angelina fibres on a piece of variegated pink Japanese velvet that I bought while on holidays earlier this year, then some lace, trim and some funky chunky fibres that I have had for so long, again covered it with the fine black tulle and free motioned stitched over the lot.
The Angelina fibres shimmer and shine through the layers and look quite lovely.
To finish off I added the beaded tassels to the purse flap at the point and hanging from decorative trim.
I love making purses, but what to do with them all!.... this one might have to go in my Etsy shop..


  1. What a cute little purse! I am glad you are taking time to play with textiles. :-)

  2. This is gorgeous Julia, you are doing so well stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Look at the magnificent creations! ohhh arrrr, just love that purse!

  3. oh me oh my Julia
    U know I always love wot you are playing and creating but even you have surpassed yourself on this one its beautiful and so expressive- the colours while still in your Victorian colour range looks quite different to the normal Victorian colour- Julia you are creating some beautiful things and this is one of them - just gorjas
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo

  4. A new experience, & you seem to be just as good using it, as you with your other work. Beautiful.

  5. How lovely this purse!
    I wonder how you always get so many nice ideas ? ;0)

  6. So very Victorian! I can see a Gibson girl carrying this beauty. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!


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