Wednesday, May 16

Who's a Lucky Girl!...

Shari hankies 1
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I had a great day at my guild P/work meeting yesterday..
It's so inspirational to see all the beautiful quilts that the ladies have made, and are in the process of making, I always come home wanting to do more..
We sit, chat, sew ( not that I get much sewing done)...and eat lovely cakes that the girls make and share recipes.
Everyone is busy right now, getting ready for the big craft show next's a very big event here.
Every year in May, vendors come from over east and overseas to show us their wares, there's always new and exciting things to buy and try out...I love it!
One of my dear quilting friends gave me these beautiful hankies and other laces and ribbons.
Have a look at the lovely lace on these Iris Linen hankies.
Thank you Shari..waving to you!


  1. Beautiful trims and hankies! I love Irish linen. Lucky you, to be friends with Shari.

  2. Arent those old linen hankies just adorable.

  3. These look gorgeous Julia, look forwards to seeing what you do with them.


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